Our Mission

Our mission is to align ourselves with companies that provide products and services for Seniors to ensure those communities become not just new addresses, but homes.

Design Source's design specialists focus on the final result of a project. We measure success every step along the way, working with clients to carefully incorporate ideas and feedback. From the planning phase to implementation and delivery, you can depend on our keen attention to detail and commitment to quality. We strive to go above and beyond your expectations to create a long and lasting business partnership. Here are our project phases:

1. Programming
We collect information to identify and understand the client’s design needs and vision through interviews, careful inventory and analysis, studying plans and existing spaces, and observation. We learn from what’s worked in the past and leverage everything that will work during our preliminary design.
2. Preliminary design
Our designers plan the project’s direction to establish a long-term strategy. Then we brainstorm ideas for inspired interior design, developing schematic drawings and budgets while starting our product selections.
3. Design development
This is when the final project takes shape, and we communicate with clients to form a shared vision. We create and finalize the design and product selections. We may present clients with floor plans, finishes, lighting, and artwork using detailed drawings, informed specifications, and elaborate presentation boards.
4. Contract documents
DSI compiles project details and communicates these instructions to contractors.
5. Bidding and negotiation
The contract documents are approved and the contractor obtains pricing for client approval.
6. Contract administration
As the project nears completion, your design team analyzes the results, reviewing the quality of products and craftsmanship and selecting replacements for any discontinued products.
7. The last look
The project wraps up with our personal, hands-on help toward the finishing touches, from artwork to accessories. With our careful attention to detail, we inspect all the finishes and furnishings. Once everything is exactly right, we’re ready to create and present a custom client orientation about the new and improved space.