Start With Something Easy!

“Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned.” —Peter Marshall

IMG-donations-photoRightsizing is a process that deserves your time, focus, and discipline—and it requires practice. As you embark upon this journey of paring down your belongings until you are surrounded with only your most valued treasures, it is wise to start with items of lesser value. Clothes closets or the kitchen cabinets are a good place to start. Don’t start with photos or mementos—they are too emotionally charged and will weaken your resolve. By starting with clothing or all those mismatched containers in the cabinet you will practice your decision-making skills and prepare yourself for the tough choices you’ll have to make when you start working on mementos. You will also experience small successes as you declutter and think of how good that will feel!

It can be liberating to see empty space in your clothes closet. If you didn’t wear something this season, pass it on to charity of your choice. Do you really need that box of might-fit-again-someday clothes, or the drawer stuffed with socks and gloves? Share! And remember, one of the best rules of rightsizing is to simply not purchase! Remember, less is more . . .

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