“Trust that little voice in your head that says ‘Wouldn’t it be interesting if . . .’ And then do it.”
~Duane Michals, photographer

il_fullxfull.407757460_7myhWhen rightsizing, don’t be afraid to let your imagination create a new use for an old piece, especially if the piece is valuable or holds cherished memories.

  • End tables can become bedside tables.
  • An armoire could be converted to a television cabinet.
  • A dining table without its leaves may fit in many places.
  • An old trunk with an added upholstered cushion becomes a seat and storage in a bedroom or casual space, perfect for extra blankets.

It is best to measure carefully and confirm that the piece will fit in its new location before committing to costly alterations. And be sure you really want to use it; remember, our environment adds to our happiness, so surround yourself with beauty and objects that have meaning to you.

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